Our Capabilities

Let Flywheel Advisors drive your companies revenue growth by adding the following capabilities to your organization:




Routes to Market

Identify & implement the most effective and productive methods to sell your product or service.


Business & Operational Planning

Set objectives for revenue & company growth; understand capital and resource needs and ensure organizational and operational processes in place to support objectives.


Transactional Sales & Marketing

Establish a high volume, low touch sales process (usually involving online or in-bound phone sales).

Relationship Sales & Marketing

Develop and implement an efficient and scalable relationship sales process, recruiting inbound or outbound sales staff and manage growth.


Indirect Channels

Identify, negotiate and close relationships with outside sales organizations (retailers, channel partners, rep firms). Establish programs to support partners, measure progress and expand / renegotiate as needed.


Partnerships / Alliances

Develop engagement & negotiation plan for either external inquiries (competitor / partner) or actively recruit target partnerships. Includes company positioning & product strategy, securing key meetings, leading negotiations, and ongoing relationship management.

Technology Licensing

Develop additional revenue streams by licensing your current product or service to 3rd parties. Conversely, acquire rights or integration partners to complimentary technologies or services to enhance your product offerings.

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