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Creating 1M Trauma Informed Leaders by 2031 with Dawn Emerick (Upward Women) (Virtual)

Creating 1M Trauma Informed Leaders by 2031 with Dawn Emerick (Upward Women) (Virtual)

These are extraordinary times producing extraordinary levels of stress responses, mental health challenges, burn out, power struggles, provocation, tension, political interference, anger, and fear like we have never seen. While these are not direct workplace issues, there’s no question they are impacting workplace, engagement, performance, and productivity.


Leading dynamic organizations is really difficult. It’s even harder to be productive when navigating through the effects of our personal stress and constant fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses. Prior to the pandemic, just under 70% of adults in the US reported experiencing some kind of personal traumatic event in their lifetime. In other words, if a business employs 100 people, up to 70 employees may be struggling and may also be bringing their stress responses into the office. In 2021, Mental Health America found that nearly 80% of workers surveyed report that their workplace stress affects their relationships with friends, family, and coworkers, and only 38% of those who know about their organization’s mental health services feel comfortable using them. In 2023, these stats may be even more dismal given the continued state of uncertainty, hurt leaders, and toxic work environments


The rules have changed, and leaders and employees are re-examining the role that work plays in their lives. The intersection between our own traumatic experiences and how we show up to lead others is front and center. Here’s the hard truth. Leadership today is personal. How we lead. How we treat others. How we control information for power. How we compete for status, significance,  and profile. How we build people up. How we tear people down.


Leadership is personal. It always has been, and it is today, now more than ever.


May 02 2023


11:00 am

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  • Date: May 02 2023
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Upward Women


Upward Women
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