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Working with Flywheel Advisors

intro about how we will work together
Scope & Objectives

For a successful engagement, its important to define up-front the following:

  • Role and reporting structure (we encourage taking on a specific title for both integration into your leadership team as well as for communication with current and prospective customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Immediate Projects / Needs  (We’ve found the formal training can be an impediment to successful engagements. Instead its better to tackle some immediate business opportunities and use them as real-time training, learning how to work within the company culture all while delivering tangible results. 
  • Long-Term Company Objectives (Milestones the company wants to achieve based on the performance of the entire team and the fractional executive)
  • Key Performance Indicators (customer growth, sales $’s, key partner targets, operational results, etc…)
Interim Deliverables and Goals
6, 12 or 18 month plan
Delivering Results