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Flywheel Advisors works with venture and private equity backed technology companies to identify routes to market and drive sustainable revenue growth.

Venture Business Development / Fractional Business Development Executive

Team Member, Not Consultant

Traditional consultants define strategies and suggest tactics but lack accountability for the results. Instead, we become part of your team, focused on your growth objectives and accountable for results. (more benefits)

Deep Skills and Experience

In competitive markets, you don’t have time to learn on the fly. We bring proven skills and experience in sales, marketing and general management from a variety of industries to help your company succeed. (more on capabilities…)

Cost Effective

A fractional executive gives you speed, flexibility and lower cost than hiring a new full-time executive.  You determine the amount of time / work needed and we ramp up quickly and are paid via 1099 (no benefits). No job postings, lengthy interviews or risk of having to fire someone who doesn’t work out. To learn more about our pricing, contact us.