Benefits of Working with a ‘Fractional Sales & Marketing Executive’

Flywheel Advisors is the smart alternative to working with consultants or hiring a full-time sales & marketing executive.

Fractional Executives vs. Consultants


Consultants are typically project oriented and normally create a report with recommendations as their “deliverable”, then collect their fees and go home. By contrast, a Fractional Executive is in it for the long term, and works beyond the recommendation phase to ensure changes are implemented, KPIs monitored, and enhancements made as required.


Companies that work with fractional executives are able to align their cost, and impact to cash flow, with results. Having an executive who is working as part of the management team allows the company to absorb the cost of the resource on an ongoing basis, alongside the new revenues that the fractional exec brings to the company. With traditional consultants, you typically pay up front for their recommendations and still have to find working capital to invest on their recommendations.


A Fractional Executive is in it for the long term, working as part of your management team. Unlike traditional consultants, we work beyond the recommendation phase to ensure changes are implemented, KPIs monitored, and enhancements made as required.

Fractional Executives vs. New Full-Time Hire


Shifting existing resources to new business opportunities creates risk by distracting your team from core business operations. By working with Flywheel, you get high impact resources to validate the opportunity and without endangering current revenues and customers.


New hires require time to learn the business and start generating results. Due to our deep business Flywheel is able to quickly ramp up, in part due to our extensive business experience, and be able to start making an immediate impact.


Depending on your business situation or access to working capital; you may not have the financial resources to hire a “C” or “VP” level candidate. Instead of missing an opportunity, get the skills you need for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire, with full-time hire impact.


It is often difficult to find candidates with specific experience and skills (see capabilities). Rather than wait for a lengthy candidate search, start making an impact today by working with Flywheel. Then, if the right candidate comes along, you can bring that hire in to a warm seat and a validated market opportunity.

Flywheel Fractional Executive Process

  1. Company History, Strategy & Goals
    During initial discussions, as we get to know one another, your key obstacles and objectives are identified.
  2. KPI’s & Milestones
    We jointly identify they key metrics that the Flywheel fractional executive will be charged to deliver, timelines expected and key milestones.
  3. Define Role & Responsibilities
    The scope of the fractional sales & marketing executive role will be defined, how the role will work within the existing management structure and what core responsibilities will be transferred to the fractional executive.
  4. Project (Hourly) or Retainer
    Depending on the nature and duration of the engagement, we have the opportunity to structure the relationship either on a billed (hourly) basis or on a monthly retainer.
  5. Deliver Results
    We at Flywheel have a passion for execution and dive in to deliver immediate results. If we face challenges, we provide immediate feedback and collaborate with internal stakeholders to overcome challenges to our mission.

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