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Who We Are

What do Flywheel Advisors do?

Flywheel Advisors helps B2B companies unlock growth and gain an unfair advantage (by seeing their business through the customer’s eyes.).

We’re a growth advisory firm with expertise in commercializing products & services, establishing effective go-to-market strategies, and operational excellence fueled by customer insights.

The firm is headquartered in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle of North Carolina.

Our Mission

Enable sustainable revenue momentum for our clients.

Flywheel Advisors’ Values

Everything starts with our clients and their customers. Customer-centricity is a vital part of our DNA.

Our clients should be assured of the values that drive us in each client engagement:

Forward Thinking

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

“it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one

Many experts can help you solve problems.

A better advisor is one who helps your company adapt and avoid problems.

Flywheel Advisors have experience in growing and managing successful organizations through many business cycles. We advise our current clients to succeed during difficult times, and help new clients fix their issues, and create a culture that prevents future occurrences.

Performance is Paramount

Time is money (opportunity and working capital).

You chose us to help deliver results.

The Flywheel team must always be at the top of our game and deliver the best results quickly.

By working with Flywheel, our clients also grow and become more resilient. They learn to execute consistently and perform at the top of their game.

Always Ethical

Ethics is often overlooked in society and the business world.

We see ethics as a competitive advantage.

Flywheel conducts itself ethically at all times.

Flywheel Advisors works with companies that operate with integrity to their employees and customers. We assist our clients in managing risk and implementing systems to head off unethical conduct.

Transparent & Respectful

Our clients can’t achieve peak performance if we withhold feedback or important observations, fearing they might offend.

Similarly, nothing is accomplished by stroking a client’s ego and ignoring current challenges or opportunities for improvement.

Flywheel is always transparent and proactive with our communication while maintaining respect and professionalism.

Strong Beliefs, Weakly Held

Imagine you held something as true over your life or career, only to find it was a false assumption or belief.

What if this belief held you back from your maximum potential?

Flywheel Advisors will use assumptions to make business decisions to save time, provided they originate from credible data corroborated by multiple sources.

We also understand that none of us possesses absolute ‘truth.’

Flywheel Advisors understands the need to adjust our perspective or revisit an assumption when better information surfaces or disconnects emerge.


Flywheel Advisors is led by Chip Royce and augmented by on-demand finance, marketing, sales, and strategy experts.