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Product-Market Fit: Unlock Growth Through Customer Insights

Companies today, from venture-backed startups to the Fortune 1000, have increasingly used online channels to interact with their customers. This impersonal process requires sustainable product-market fit for their offerings.

Often, these companies experience plateaus, where growth stalls or worse contracts. Management teams struggle to identify the cause and find solutions.

Most companies don’t always realize, and those that do seldom come to grips with the facthttps://flywheeladvisors.com/flywheel-advisors-about-mission-values-team/about-flywheel-advisors-chip-royce/ that their strategy and execution aren’t aligned with their customer’s needs.

Adapting to changing customer needs is challenging:

  • Change is risky
  • Most companies do not have unlimited resources
  • Customers have gained control of the buying process and will get worse, not better (generational changes and ‘dark social’)
  • How you get to the first $1MM in revenues is different than getting to $5MM (same for $5MM to $20MM, $20MM to $100MM)

Flywheel Advisors has helped several companies to fix, discover or re-discover their product-market fit:

  • Fixing the alignment between customers’ needs and strategy
  • Finding customers for their products
  • Finding new products for their customers
  • Preventing future occurrences
  • Creating significant value for shareholders (including hypergrowth from $250K to $10MM, and lucrative exits).

We revitalize growth and (re)discover product-market fit through a unique, proven/low-risk process centered around customer insights.

The process finds quick fixes, generates a playbook for new revenue programs, and provides tools to reduce the risk of future issues by:

  1. Comparing the company’s perception of its performance and customer needs with actual customers.
  2. Identifying and implementing quick fixes to get our sales and operations back on track
  3. Unlocking opportunities for new products and new markets through ‘Revenue R&D’
  4. Improving your operational performance and enacting a customer-centric company culture through consistent, objective customer data (sentiment and feedback).

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