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Mastering Virtual Meetings With A Professional Presence

You cultivate and protect your professional brand,

Don’t let a poor Zoom or MS Teams presence undo your hard work.

Mastering Virtual Meetings With A Professional Presence

…teaches professionals and executives how to look their best and present effectively over Zoom and other virtual meeting tools.

Offered in 3 formats:

  • Individual Professional Masterclass
  • Live Team Training (up to 15 attendees)
  • Live Sales Team Plus Training (up to 15 attendees)

Covers a range of topics:

  • Wardrobe selection do’s and don’ts for online video
  • Grooming and make-up
  • Body language
  • Staging your workspace
  • Camera setup and optimization

Participants will learn to present themselves confidently and professionally on video calls and communicate effectively in a virtual setting. They will also learn how to use their body language to convey confidence and authority. Additionally, the course will cover the technical aspects of setting up a camera, staging your workplace background, and ensuring great lighting for the best virtual appearance.

By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to make a strong impression and communicate effectively in virtual meetings, allowing them to excel in their professional lives.

The price per attendee for “Mastering Virtual Meetings With A Professional Presence” ranges from $499 to $2,400, depending on your selected format and the number of team members.

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