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Growth Quickstart: Identify Quick Wins Through Customer Insights

Flywheel Advisors provides a wide range of services to help companies align their strategy and execution with customer needs.

For companies with near-term issues and stalled growth and need quick wins, we offer our “Growth Quickstart” service.

The Growth Engine Starter includes the initial two components of our full process for (re)discovering product-market fit.

Its purpose is to provide insights that may deliver quick wins for your business.

The Growth Quickstart has three core steps:

  1. Measure how your company thinks they’re doing in the customer’s eyes
  2. Compare this with actual feedback from prospects and current customers
  3. Identify disconnects, explore solutions, and guide implementation

Our process may uncover one or more of the following:

1) Operational Issues or Execution Issues Within The Organization

Execution issues anywhere across the customer journey may undermine customer confidence and impact sales:

  • Lower funnel conversion rates from using marketing messages that no longer resonate with the target customer
  • Missing revenue projections due to using the wrong sales process or distribution channel
  • Decreasing recurring revenue for SaaS companies due to onboarding or other customer support issues

2) New Growth Opportunities Through Improvement and New Products & Services

Conversely, customers may share unique needs and insights that unlock new growth opportunities:

  • New features that satisfy customer needs and improve customer acquisition and/or renewal rates
  • Sales productivity improvements by focusing on adjacent or new customer segments
  • Increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction by offering paid professional services for implementation and data integration

Get Insights Quickly, as soon as five to six weeks

After the kickoff meeting(s) with your team, we usually have initial insights within five to six weeks.

  • Collecting data within your organization takes just days
  • Contacting and surveying customers within 2-3 weeks, depending on customer availability
  • Reporting and initial review with your management team in less than a week!

Our Growth Quickstart is a great way to generate quick wins and start your company down the path of customer-driven success.

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